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Moving landline from Virgin media to plusnet

I moved from BT to virgin about 10 years ago, taking my landline number with me. I now want to move to Plusnet as Virgin are frankly too expensive. Plusnet say that as I will need Openreach (BT) to reconnect my old landline, I cannot move my existing number to them. Is that correct? Can I just get BT to reconnect my landline, port the number from Virgin to BT and then sign up to Plusnet. I'm very confused! How would I go about switching to BT?

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Re: Moving landline from Virgin media to plusnet

I have no idea about the number transfer element issue there. Virgin Media will release a landline number to a new provider on the receipt of a valid request ,and people do move from Virgin Media to Openreach based services all the time and take numbers with them, so it is possible.

Why Plusnet are claiming they can't do that is frankly a question for them, not Virgin Media.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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