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Moving home phone to VM but existing phone number contract under wife’s name - issue??

Hi All,

I have my new VM deal starting soon on my existing account which will now include having the home LAN line moved under VM.  However, my current home LAN line is under a different provider and it’s under my wife’s name, while the VM account is under mine.  Why, no idea, just the way it happened all those years ago,

I rang up Customer Services and spoke to a nice woman but she hadn’t heard of this scenario before but didn’t think it would be an issue.  I’m worried that on the day in November when the engineer comes to install the phone line, there will be an issue whereby VM will be trying to get the number from my existing phone provider and as it’s under my wife’s name, not mine, boom — issue.

Oh I should mention we DO live together!  This isn’t a, “we’re separated’ sort of thing.  We are all under the same roof, just over time when we found different deals for services, each of us took on different services/bills in the house.  And  we all know about personal identity theft, security and the like these days...

I cannot add her to my VM account (doesn’t allow dual account holders) and she cannot add me to the existing phone/water/elec contract.

Therefore does anyone know:

a) If this is even an issue, as both the VM account and the existing home phone contract is on the same property address?

b) if it is an issue, how can I get it ‘authorised’ ahead of time?

FYI the existing home LAN phone number is a main contact number of my existing VM account 🙂



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Re: Moving home phone to VM but existing phone number contract under wife’s name - issue??

Hi Isaw, 

This shouldn't be an issue, if the line is still active I can fill out a number port form for you 🙂 I will pop you over a private message asking for some details just keep an eye out for the purple envelope 🙂