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Line rental charge


I'm curious.  After reporting a fault on my landline, the visiting engineer changed us to a VOIP connection, explaining a calls were now made via the on-line connection 

So why am I still being charged "line rental"?? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Hipper wrote:

I too have had this 'improvement' to my service.

Two things I note:

1. My router now needs to be on as long as I want the phone to be in use. Normally I would have it on for internet use about three hours a day at an approximate cost in electricity of £5 per year. If I now have the router on for 24 hours a day it would cost me £38. Not a great deal I agree but still an additional energy cost.

2. If there's a power cut I have no phone.

I don't consider this progress!

1. The PSTN network is now very costly to run, & that cost is passed on to you in line rental fees which are constantly increasing. When these exchanges are decommissioned the providers costs will be reduced & line rental will disappear. With many providers using copper lines this has already been absorbed into the Broadband charge. So, yes it will cost you more in electricity, but the cost of the service itself will go down.

2. Many people use DECT landline handsets now, which are mains powered. The old plug in passive kit is stashed away somewhere. I think mine is in the loft. If the power goes off I just use a mobile phone. 

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I've had a number of landline failures and had no dial tone on any of them, so it's not as if the current system is without problems.

The people most affected by this change are not those who already have broadband, it's those who are landline-only customers who number about 1.1m.

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On our wavelength

I love how everybody jumped on the bandwagon to support Virgin in this. The line rental charge was to use the bt line for phone calls, whether it’s now open reach or bt it still falls under the same company.

virgin made us pay this as this charge fell on them if we wanted a phone line, this is now obsolete in many homes. Gone by 2025.

The cost should have come down but it’s the same folks supporting the bill/energy price increase coming over to tell you, you’re wrong.

Hi Shahin007,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we understand you feel you shouldn't have to pay for line rental since we have had our Landline Switchover and that the rental for the line no longer exists.

Our Landlines are not provided by BT these are our services, although the line is connected a different way the service is still being provided, if you do not use the line and wish to remove it then you vcan speak to our Customer Relations team on either 150 from a Virgin Landline/ Mobile or 0345 454 1111 from any other line.