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Landline unavailable

Tuning in

My mom, who is 81, lives alone and has broadband and land line with Virgin Media. When I have tried to ring her land line, it says "This number is temporarily unavailable" and it has been saying that for days

Her TV is working.
Her bill is paid.
All the cables are plugged in.
There are no services issues seemingly if you look on the Virgin website.

Any ideas? She relies on the phone line to communicate (hasn't got a mobile) and we use it for her safety alarm she wears round her neck.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Haircut1000


Thank you so much for your first post to our community forums and welcome to the team! 


I'm so sorry to hear that your Mom is facing this issue with her landline! 


I'm going to pop you a PM so I can grab some details and we can take a closer look into this.


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Thank you. 

Hi @Ashleigh_C

Thanks for informing me the problem was that you cut off my mom's landline.

You said it was because she needs to switch over to calls going down the fibre. Trouble is she has no means of communicating with the outside world now and her pendant alarm no longer functions. Can you get an engineer out to plumb in the new box asap? 11am is a good time.

Thanks 👍🏻