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Landline to landline calls drop out

Joining in

If I phone some landlines from my VM landline the call drops, i.e. we suddenly can't hear eachother. This can be after a few minutes or a few seconds.  But this only happens on outgoing calls to landlines.

I get the problem when I use another phone, so it looks like my usual phone is OK

I get the problem whan the phone is plugged straight into the VM socket rather than via an extension cable.


I never get a problem if I phone my mobile from my landline

If I phone a landline I have had problems with, but using a mobile, there is no problem.

People we have had dropped calls to don't have this problem when called by other people.

Phoning 150 seems to work OK too.

We have had the line for years, this problem started a few months ago but we think it is getting worse.

Any Ideas?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @1m95, welcome to our forum and thanks for your post.


Sorry to see that you are having issues with the landline dropping. It certainly is strange how this is not affecting all numbers. Have you been able to check our service page here to see if this is due to any known network issues?

If nothing shows on our service page, I would recommend checking our landline help page here.

If you are still having issues after checking this, please let us know, we will be happy to assist further.



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The service page is showing no landline problems here.

I have gone through the '/help/fix-your-landline' page, the 'Landline is connected via plug socket' seems most relevant, but everything seems properly plugged in. I have tried another phone and plugging the phone directly into the wall socket so I'm pretty sure it's not a phone or cable problem.


Thanks for the additional information, we have checked and there aren't currently any issues reported on the line or in your area 1m95. Is it just when calling a landline you experience the issues? Are calls to mobile numbers okay?

Is the landline connected via the wall socket or a socket on the back of your hub via an adapter?





The problem only happens when we phone a landline. A few weeks ago as an experiment I called a landline we call a lot. The call went OK for maybe 5 minutes then dropped. I tried recalling several times, sometimes the call would drop after ony a few seconds, sometimes it would lasr a few minutes. I then phoned my own mobile for a few minutes without any problems. We now phone that landline using a mobile and never get any problems. 

The phone is plugged into a wall socket not a hub.


I will send you a Private message to get some more details form you to look into this further 1m95.





Thanks 1m95, keep us up to date with this and if it has helped. 



Since you did that thing to the line we have made a few calls to a number which used to drop out and not had any problems.

Hi @1m95, thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Thanks for confirming that your issue appears to have been resolved. Remember, if you ever need assistance in the future, our fantastic community and forum team are always willing to lend a hand. Also, please bear in mind that our website offers lots of helpful information and also, you can manage your account from here.



The problem has returned. It is the same as before, i.e. calls to landlines cut out, calls to the same landline using a mobile are OK, incoming calls are OK.