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Landline not working

Joining in

Is anyone else not able to use their home phone in the rh4 area


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mummysos, 

Thanks for taking the time to post about your issues in the Community.

I'm sorry to hear your landline is not working as it should be currently. 

Taking a look at things this end, there are no open area faults affecting the landline services so this looks more like an individual issue. There are a few checks I will need you to go through. Can you let me know the following please:

➡ Does the landline work if plugging a different handset into your socket?

➡ If you don't have another handset, are you able to try your handset in another socket?

➡ When calling any number, do you get any tone?

➡ When receiving calls, does your landline ring at all?

If you can come back and let me know the answers to the above. It's possible we may need to get an engineer out to you so please ensure you come back to us here 🙂


Forum Team

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