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Landline not working

Joining in

My landline phone is unable to make or receive calls.  The display says 'Check Phone Line'.  There is no dial tone.  It wasn't working during the week prior to this message appearing.  There have been intermittent issues with the line for several months.  The most common characteristic is that I could make calls but not receive them.  The line quality has also been poor for some time.  I have tried the recommended actions on the help webpage.  

I contact the helpdesk a few months back and they were able to restore the line but within around a month the line was playing up again. The call to the helpdesk using my mobile appeared to cost me a lot of money.  I tried contacting the helpdesk today and after 15 minutes of waiting disconnected to find it has cost me £4.

I recently received notification that my phone service would be switching to the fibre network but I've not been informed on which date this will be happening.  Because I was hoping this switch would fix the issue and the frustrations/cost of contacting the helpdesk I have been postponing contacting Virgin for resolution.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi TimJBB,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise that you're currently experiencing issues with your landline and that you have no dial tone.

You stated that you have received notification that your landline will be switching to our new 21CV service, whereby your landline will now be plugged into the back of your router, not the master socket on your wall.

Can we ask if you have received any adaptors for this in the post?

Checking the systems from our end, it does seem that the switch over has happened, and you are now on the new system.

Please can you check the link here on how to set this up.

I have also include another link here with the frequent Q&A's.

If you have any issues, please come back to us so we can assist you further.

Kind regards Jodi.

Thanks - I did receive the adaptor.  I was trying to find somewhere to see if the switch had been made but was unable to.  I'm working right now but will try the adaptor later this afteroon.

Hi @TimJBB,

Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately, we don't provide an online service to check this, however, a switchover date would be on any previous correspondence we've sent out regarding the change.

Please let us know how you get on after trying the adapter.


Reece - Forum Team

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Its working ok now.  Thanks

Hi @TimJBB,

Thanks for the update on this - I'm glad to hear things are now working.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and our team/community will be more than happy to help out.


Reece - Forum Team

New around here? To find out more about the Community check out our FAQ