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Landline not working correctly

Tuning in

Since sat 14th May when I ring my parents (at any time of day) virgin media landline it rings a couple of times with a crackle noise, sounds like it is picked up but then cuts off. That's how it sounds on my land Line but at my parents end it doesn't ring. If I use my mobile phone to ring their land Line the same thing happens. My land Line and mobile are different providers. My parents can ring out and can receive calls on their land Line from other people. I too can phone other virgin landlines in their area ok from my land Line. It's urgent that I am able to phone my parents as they are elderly and I have to be able to contact them at any time. I have checked online and there does not appear to be any problems in their area. Please could some one assist this with me as it does appear to be a connection problem.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Trez, 

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 

I am very sorry to hear you are having issues when contacting your parents landline. 

From your post, you have advised that you experience a crackling noise and the call being disconnected when dialling from both your landline and mobile, this would possible indicate that the issue may be on your parents side. 

Do your parents have another handset they could try to see if this helps resolve the issue? 





Hi, thank you for your reply. My parents don't have another hand set to try and as they are not having any problems with other callers it's unlikely to be their hand set.

As I stated they can make calls and receive calls from within their immediate area.

It would appear that when I am phoning them from the area I live in my parents phone rings about 3 times with a crackling sound then sounds like some one has picked up the phone and it then cuts off.

The phone does not actually ring at my parents end and therefore they have not picked it up.

This happens when I use my land Line to phone them, my landline being on a different provider to them.

This happens if I used my mobile to phone them, my mobile is on a different provider to my landline.

I am not having problems phoning any other numbers in that area from my mobile or landline.

Many thanks.



It's probably worth noting that I phoned some one else in their street from my landline to their land Line, they have a vurgin landline and even though the phone rang ok and they picked the call up ok, 3 mins into the call the phone line cut out and they had to phone me back.

They where able to phone my parents ok from their landline and they are in the same street.

I do not live in that area.

Hi @Trez thanks a lot for your reply and I understand.

So yes it would appear to be an issue on their landline side of things, and if they are with Virgin Media I can definitely take a look at things from our side to see if there are any faults.

I'm going to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you, where I'll just ask a few questions so I can locate your parent's services.

Please expect this PM to arrive shortly and respond when you can!

Many thanks 


Many thanks Tom, I have replied to your pm.