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Landline not working again!

Tuning in


 Once again my home phone is not working. Have been in touch with your tech help and they just keep telling me my line is OK, so it is my phone that is faulty.  Full story:

Home phone working OK till last Monday, when Kelly Communications pulled a new cable between your junction box on the pavement outside my house and my house.  I have 2 DECT handsets and 1 wired handset   Since the cable was pulled the DECT handsets have no dial tone and do not work.  Your tech help tell me both DECT handsets have developed faults at exactly the same time, which coincides exactly with the new VM supply cable being installed, therefore handsets are faulty and I need to replace them! Have tried both handsets on a different landline in a neighbours hose and they work OK.

Can you arrange an  engineer to fix my landline which worked ;perfectly until you replaced your supply cable to my house?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @athomas2 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back.

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your landline and for the frustration this has caused. 

Can I just confirm is the phone connected at the wall or via the Hub? 

Alessandro Volta

Were your phones connected to telephone wall sockets before Kelly Communications disconnected you?

There have been past topics on here where a new cable goes in but the new cable is only the coaxial cable for broadband rather than the old-style twin cable with a phone cable alongside the coax.

If your old (phone) cable was removed then you would need your landline connection set up to operate via the VM hub.

Hub is connected to the wall socket which is connected to the 2 DECT handsets and a splitter to the wired handset. Connections were made by VM technicians about a month ago. 

Prior to Kelly Communications pulling the new cable DECT handsets were connected to wall sockets which were in turn connected to Hub 5. This was done by VM technicians after Hub 5 installation to get handsets working. 

Alessandro Volta

For the purposes of a test, what happens if you plug your corded phone direct into the VM hub using the VM adapter? This would check if the line is actually working at the VM hub by eliminating the extension socket connections. As per image below



If your earlier modifications by VM to make the extension sockets work from the hub were routed through the omnibox outside it may be that these have been disturbed in some way by the Kelly contractors.

Hi athomas2,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to see you're still having some issues with the line. 

Are you able to try what goslow has advised?


Not sure what the omnibox is!  To get landline to work VM engineers connected both DECT phones to the original phone wiring in the house, then connected the original phone wiring to the hub5 and finally connected the wired handset to a T piece in the primal ohne wiring. This enabled all 3 handsets to work correctly until last Monday when Jelly Communications pulled a new cable between your junction box on the pavement out side my house to the VM box on the out side of my house. (This was to try and correct a weak signal identified when Gig 1 and hub5 were installed in April and it was identified that the drop in signal was occurring between pavement and house, change was from RG6 to RG12).  At no time did Kelly Communications touch any other wiring in my house. After Kelly Communications had left I discovered that my 2 DECT handsets were no longer working (no dialling tone), and only the wired handset worked. 
Hope you now have a better understanding of my problem. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi athomas2 👋

Thanks for the update on this. I'm sorry to hear things still aren't working. The omnibox is the brown/grey box that's attached to the outside of your property, and is the entry point into your home for our cables. I've ran checks on our side, including a full Line Quality Test, and a Wiring Test, and no issues are being identified, which indicates this a problem with some part of the equipment in your Home.

Are you able to try a different handset in the back of your Hub, or at the extension socket(s)? To clarify, you've mentioned that the wired phone is still working - is this still the case?


Reece - Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

The omnibox is the plastic wall box outside your home where the cable arrives from the street. Sometimes the phone connections would be routed through there. Kelly Communications would probably have accessed the omnibox to renew the cable which, in turn, may have disturbed one of your wall socket connections for your cordless base station.

So you do have a working line but the wall socket your cordless phone base was plugged into no longer works?

There have been a few topics on here where cordless systems have stopped working when switching to a VM hub connection (for reasons unknown).

If you plug the cordless base station direct into the hub, via the VM adapter as per the image above, does the cordless base station work that way?

Try your cordless system into the hub as shown above. You will then know if the cordless system has an issue on the rewired hub or if the Kelly work has somehow disturbed a connection to your phone extensions.

Alternatively wait for VM to arrange a technician to solve your issue (but IMHO any diagnosis you can do yourself is always a good idea as your never know what kind of VM tech you might get and how skilled they are!)

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