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Landline not transfered

Tuning in

Our VM services went live yesterday, but our landline number hasn’t transfered over.

This was part of our original order, and shortly after placing the order I received a notification that a request had been submitted by Virgin to transfer our number, but nothing seems to have happened.

The landline (which was via Now Broadband) is still active and they’ve confirmed there’s nothing for them to do until Virgin claim the number.

How long should this take?  When we switched providers last time it was pretty quick so I kind of expected the same.  Am I being over optimistic?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi elkingdl,

Thanks for posting and welcome to out community 🙂

Sorry to hear your number hasn't ported over yet, they can take around 12 days to port, however we'd usually arrange this so it happens the same time as install.

So I can double check things for you I've popped you over a private message.


Tuning in

Howdy, after initial contact from Alex I’ve not had any further contact.  Any suggestions anyone?