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Landline not switched April No line ring out

Tuning in

My landline has not worked all week im very angry as today I get my bill and I see usage charges !

for what I ask I when I could hardly use the phone it’s for emergencies being a disabled customer and I rely on incoming calls. 
to constantly have only spam calls coming through not being able to actually use my phone to ring out no ring tone. 

Someone in my family tried to do as we were informed to do ref the hub etc 

this did not happen as date Virgin planned this change with the connection to hub. 
my phone was on in May and just went off no email advise nothing. 

why am I being charged usage charges and why is my phone not able to be connected to this new cable hub system Ive been a customer with cable here since it was installed years ago a loyal customer 

Do I need to find another provider as this is just not on at all and I know others go through same 

Thankyou for reading 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Nanajp 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Sorry for the confusion over the home phone switchover and also the spam calls.

For the calls, see here

I will send you a PM to book in the switchover, however for now, pop the phone back in via the wall socket for me. 

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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my phone is in Im via wall socket