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Landline not ringing

Joining in


My landline is plugged into my router. 
It has a dial tone and rings out but does not ring when receiving calls. 1471 confirms that my call from my mobile has connected to the landline.


Reading other posts it looks as though it could be a Virgin network fault or a fault on the exchange? Could anyone here from Virgin help please? 



Is it the case that your phone has never rung when connected to the Hub suggesting an adaptor with a ring capacitor might be needed.

Or is it that the phone has been ringing when connected to the Hub perhaps suggesting the ringer may now be turned off on the telephone ?

First time plugging into hub.

used to ring before fine when put directly into wall.

ringer definitely turned on, on high. Not even the light flashes 

Alessandro Volta

Do you have another handset to try? If you do and it doesn't work, then get VM to send you another adapter.

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On our wavelength

I recently switched my home landline to Virgin and a VM engineer came round to set up the connection between my iMac router and my old analogue landline phone. The engineer was also supposed to connect a second phone I have in another room since I'm hard of hearing. The phone next to my Mac is now working (though ringing and voice sound aren't very clear) but the engineer couldn't make the second phone in the other room work at all. He left saying he'd get back in touch but he didn't. Does anyone know how to sync a second landline phone with another one which is  already plugged into the VM Hub (router) of an iMac computer?

Hey winter66,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your landline at the moment, I have looked into this and it appears that the power to your line is too low and we would need a technician visit to resolve this. I can arrange the appointment from here but would need to confirm a few details via a private message, that I will drop over in a moment. Please look out for the private message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,