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Landline not ringing

Joining in

Our landline has stopped ringing when a call comes in. If I ring the landline from a mobile I can hear it ringing on the mobile and the call connects when I answer it but the landline phone does not ring. I’m unsure how long this has been an issue but I do remember seeing someone working on the telegraph pole by our house last week and wonder whether it’s connected but don’t know who/how to contact. I have checked the volume and ringer settings on the phone. Would be grateful for any suggestions on next step to resolve.


Accepted Solutions

Thanks for getting back to me Steeney, is there anyone who you could borrow one of for a short period of time just to check if it is the handset?


Another option would be to try the phone in another socket in the property but again (assuming the landline doesn't work via your Hub), if the issue is with the handset the result would be the same. 


Double checked and there doesn't appear to be any area issues that would explain this either.





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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Steeney


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


My apologies for the phone issue. Is there a dial tone at all?


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Thanks for the reply. Yes there is dial tone

Hi Steeney sorry to hear you have ringer problems , I have had the same problem too for the last two days and after spending an hour and twenty mins being PASSED AROUND ON 150 LINE i am still waiting for for a call back to resolve the problem. I hope you have better luck than me and Ive been with cable 20 years!

Thanks for confirming that Steeney, do you have an alternate landline handset you can try to see if the problem is with the handset itself?





Hello grannieanne


Sorry to hear of the landline issues you're experiencing, we appreciate you taking the time to make us aware of this via the forum.


Can you elaborate on the issues for us please? Do you get a dial tone on the landline? Have you tried calling from a mobile? If so, what happens?



Hi Rob

unfortunately I don’t have another phone to try

Thanks Rob for picking up on my reply to Steeney , I was just about to post personally with my own problem having read several others in the forum first. I have an intermittent dial tone, We can Call 150, We can dial 1471, My Hubby has tried three seperate know cord connected phones on the main socket and still the same result .NO RING TONE on incoming calls, we have called the landline from our mobiles and noted that in between rings on the mobile the house phone BEEPS once but does not RING.!

We did spend well over an hour on 150 yesterday being shipped around various departments and were eventually told it would be passed on to engineer and that we would get a call back, we are still waiting . as i type this my house house phone is lit and single beeping.NOT Ringing.  Mobile is now ringing  Will update further  thanks

Typical, I come on to complain on the forum and I have just had a mobile phone call from engineers who have now booked us a visit- tomorrow noon (thanks) I will return and update on the outcome in due course.

Thanks Rob

Hope you get it sorted