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Landline not ported lost Number?

Good Evening

We are in the same boat, we joined up end of 21 October

We had Phone, TV and Broadband, from Virgin Media

We were told that they would port over the number not a problem and this never happened

They keep saying the number in not active? We have contacted Plusnet and they have made it active for the port and still keep getting the Text

“Hello, it s Virgin Media here. Unfortunately, we are unable to port your home telephone number as it is disconnected from your current provider, and we are only able to port active telephone numbers. Please continue to use the Virgin Media number provided to you at install.”

We have the email from Plusnet saying this

Dear Mr *****,

Hope you are well.

As discussed your phone number (**********) is free to be retained by your new service provider. Please get in contact with them to arrange this.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us via:


Phone: 0800 432 0200

Kind regards,


I am in the doghouse with the wife also!!

I hope someone can help us out with the port over to Virgin Media



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