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Landline noise

Up to speed

Landline squealing and clicking, reported Tuesday,received a call from VM it went away whilst speaking to support via mobile.

11.17 wed night phone rings line goes dead, put it down rings again, still dead. Repeat another 3 times. Then unplugged cable to the basic phone. Not affecting portables. 

When I try to make a call loud squealing and clicking, if I plug in the basic phone it starts ringing.



Up to speed

Now haqve a Ref No: P011874130

74 mins on the phone.

3 people, First did some checks wthen realised she could not do the checks because we have been migrated to being connected via the Router. Told her that to start with as I had reset the Router before calling.

Escalated to a higher team who Did not answer & Cut the call off.

Try again, explained all the above and it needed to be escalated, nope got to do my checks first, sorry cant help got to escalate the call. 

Got connected this time, explained it all again, Calls at 11.17 pm line blocked, Portable phone showing dealing with a call for over 5 hrs. So disconnected that. pl;ugged in the dumb phone starts marking various chirpoing and ringing sound continously. 

Rest router by holding rest for 1 minute. 

Do all the checks again. 

No sorry cant fix it need an engineer, will rung you back.

Calls back, line dead.


Hi @big-luap 

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear about your landline and the issues you have had when trying to resolve it. We can understand the frustration caused and we want to best help. I can see a ticket has been raised with the relevant team. Please allow for 3-5 days so our team can work on this for you. As soon as we have a resolution, we will be back in contact with you.


Forum Team

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10.37 Tried to call me back, but the line was dead. Held the call for 60 seconds then it was ended.

No calls since.

landline is used for LifeLine wellbeing monitor, so should be marked on the system as Priority.

In this case, I have sent you a private message. Please look out for the purple envelope and provide a response when you can. 


Forum Team

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Firstly checked the line, still have the fault.


Think I have rectified the issue, the backup box that is supposed to provide Mobile backup to the Landline was flashing like a Christmas Tree. Purchased a double female RJ11 socket, so i could plugin the Input & Output cables and bypass the unit, Phones worked correctly. Reset the unit then reconnected the unit back into the circuit, phones are working correctly, the 2 Phones I had originally and the new Dect BT dumb phone I purchased, because I was told MY NEW phone was faulty, just replaced the 3 unit portable phone system.

Thanks for updating the thread @big-luap 

I can see my colleague Akua is assisting you further via PM so if you do wish to discuss anything further, she will be happy to help.


Forum Team

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Had an engineer this morning Changed to Hub 4 to Hub 5 to rectify Dropouts & Ethernet Port problems.

He could not close the ticket for the phoneline fault.

Thanks for the update @big-luap 

Sorry to hear the engineer wasn't able to resolve the phoneline fault. Did the engineer advise of the next step to help fix the issue for you? If you do have any further questions or concerns, the agent supporting you via private message will be able to assist further if needed 

Here to help 🙂
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