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Landline no incoming calls

Tuning in

Got a virgin media hub 5 today - works great with internet, far better - but landline I can only make outgoing calls --- incoming calls ring but when I answer no voice or sound either way. 

Tightened all leads and tried everything I can think of. Outgoing totally fine - rings, can speak and be heart - incoming silence

Please help! Thanks so much, best wishes, Pete


Accepted Solutions

Fibre optic

It is a known fault with HUB 5.

probably reqs. a firmware update to HUB 5.


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Fibre optic

It is a known fault with HUB 5.

probably reqs. a firmware update to HUB 5.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello pdevonald5000,


We're sorry to hear of the problem with incoming calls via your Hub 5, we appreciate the confusion this can cause and you raising it via the forums. Welcome to the community.


As IKbrunel has advised, this is currently a know issue that has been raised with the team and is being looked into, apologies for the inconvenience and we'll be sure to keep everyone impacted up to date with this as soon as we get news.



Really appreciate your time and the response - 

but what am I supposed to do in the meantime?

It seems bizarre I can call out - but can't have calls in: I do not have free calls out so rely on other people calling me rather than the other way around

There must be a patch or adaptor or something that can solve this?

Thanks for any suggestions, best wishes, Pete

At present we're still investigating this to find the cause and rectify as soon as possible, we understand and apologise for the frustration and inconvenience caused by this issue but we are working to fix it as soon as possible.



Rob/ Virgin Team

I can't believe it - but it is happening again

Today - I can call out totally fine, but when people call in they can't hear me (but I can hear them)

This is really unacceptable 

And I never received any compensation for the issues last time either 

Anything I can try? Or has someone taken away some code? Is the landline where the problem lies. 

Many thanks, best wishes, Pete

Hi Pete,

Thanks for posting again, sorry to hear you're having some more trouble with your landline.

We've had a look from this end and everything appears to be OK, no known outages or anything in your area.

Have you noticied whether it's specific types of numbers that have this issue when calling? Have you received calls from both mobile and landline phones and they still have the issue of not hearing you?

Do you perhaps have another landline handset which you can try to test to see if that's the problem?

In regards to when you had this issue previously, I'm afraid that we do only offer compensation for a total loss of service. You can find out more about our compensation policy here.



Thanks for replying 

Certainly landlines, last time it was mobiles as well

The phone rings fine, I can hear them but they can't hear me: if I phone all then fine both ways to the same landlines

No other handset, this has always worked, BT handset new last year

Last time you fixed it your end: not sure if this is because of the work on open reach in the Heaton Moor, Stockport area?

Many thanks, best wishes, Pete

Hi Pete,

Thank you for letting me know. I've had a look at this end and all of your power levels are fine and everything is looking OK, so it's likely to be an issue with the line.

Can you please just ensure that all your cables and connections are secure and nothing is lose? If all OK, we can get an engineer appointment booked in for you.

Kind regards


Thanks Beth - really appreciate this

I called with my mobile and it works fine both ways (i.e can hear the speaker)

But landline - tried 3 friends calling me, they say it doesn't even ring? But it does ring - and I can hear them but they can't hear me

It's such a bizarre fault and so odd it started off with this - the you found a fix - now its doing this again? 

all cables and connections are secure - and reset the box. 

Appointment booked will be great.

Thanks so much for your time and efforts, have a good day, Pete