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Landline no dial tone -no way of contacting Virgin without calling them - Sun 29th Oct

Tuning in

Virgin have done it again and this is probably the last straw after 27 yrs (I know but until recently they were the only fibre provider)

I use a landline at home (due to poor mobile receipton)

Worked fine at midnight

Not working now

Went down to check the phone that is plugged into the socket (old school but reliable) and no tone

True to form the service status indicates "no issues" other than the one demand channels not working but as they havent worked reliably for 3 yrs I would be surprised if that warning wasnt there.

Reset the hub ( just in case and they always ask)

Could someone please check what is happening.

Has anyone moved to Zen?






Enable Wi-Fi Calling on your mobile if you have a poor GSM signal at home.

Check for a known local fault on 0800 561 0061 - it is an automated service.
Customer Support are on 150 or 0345 454 1111 from a non-VM phone.


I dont have a phone to use- hence the problem but thanks for responding

Tuning in

I thought virgin's response might help

I have checked on my end , unfortunately we have been reported regarding the same area fault and it was raised on 28/10 at 2PM due to which there is an outage wherein the cable lines of the services are being fixed , please bear with us and do not worry our engineer's are already there at the site fixing the issue and it will be fixed by today within 3PM as an estimated time.

To which I asked why wasnt this on their system yesterday

I apologize and I wish I could have fixed it from my end however it is an area outage and so out of my limitations to be fixed. I am disappointed at myself Charlotte that you had to wait for so long to get this issue resolved. I wish you didn't have to go through this. If I were in your position, I think I’d feel just as you do, I’ve experienced this issue recently too and so I have set this on priority and we will certainly get this fixed for you and I assure you.

Hence, I sincerely request you to support us this time wherein, a detailed documentations will be made available on your account to create a complete transparency about your on-going issue. Our gratitude towards our customer remains utmost priority all the time.

Ah well

Hello paddypaws01


Sorry to hear of the landline issues experienced, we understand the confusion and you taking the time raise this via the forums.


From your second post it appears the issue is due to an area outage, did the agent you spoke to advise of an estimated fix time for the issue? Is it reported here?



Tuning in

It has now been sorted though line is crackly and I have been sent an email that the line is moving to fibre in Feb. My main issue was why wasnt the "outage" on the 28th on the system on the 29th and 30th? And I doubt that the call handler had a similar situation.

Hi @paddypaws01 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

Apologies again for the issue but glad to hear all sorted.


Forum Team

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