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Landline no dial tone no service

Joining in

I have no dialing tone on my VM landline. I cannot get any incoming /outgoing calls Checked the status on VM website and all my services showed up as having no problems.  We had a local thunder storm  in the area on Tuesday morning and a 30 mins power cut. It was only in the evening we notice no dial tone , etc. Phone is connected  to a wall socket.  Followed VM online advice powered off on and changed phone still no dial turn. 4 attempts made yesterday to contact Virgin for support .Eventually got through at 4:30pm and was told that there was a local power outage and should be fixed by 6:30pm. It was explained  my wife is disabled  so we rely  on a landlines as a back up. As of today still no service .


No problem at all @Flint68 

Please let us know how the appointment goes and if you need any further help.


Forum Team

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