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Landline message no notification

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My landline message, no notification when messages have been left. 


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Has it previously announced when voicemail's have been left?


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Forum Team
Forum Team


Thank you for your post. My apologies for the issue you're having with your landline. 

To confirm, are you advising that your landline is saying there is a voicemail, when there isn't?


Hi Martin 

sorry if I misled you  

I had 2 messages but I was not alerted to the message. 

Thank you for that clarification. 

Do you have a voicemail machine attached to your line?


Yes. But I have never used it. Always have used virgin messages 

Has it previously announced when voicemail's have been left?


Sorry I clicked wrong button. 

answer machine which is integral to the phone as never been used. !  I have only used virgin messaging service whereby I dial 177 to retrieve. However i used to get fast bleeping when messages were left. But this as stopped x

Thank you for that information. What I will need to do is take a look on our side to check everything is okay. 

I will private message you to confirm your details.