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Landline just stopped 5 days ago

Tuning in

The landline died a few days ago and I keep getting different messages from your support team.

First it was a known issue to be fixed same day. Yesterday it was that we now needed broadband to use the landline. Nothing received about this and no idea how that is meant to work. Today i am told again the first story so I am pretty annoyed. What happened to sending an engineer to fix the issue?


Just to be clear this was an issue at my parents house. I have my own re install issue which I have posted aswell and I am hoping someone from VM will see and help with.

Thank you for popping back to us and letting us know @Rehmana I'm so glad to hear your parents phone is up and running. 

I'm very sorry however to hear that you are experiencing an issue yourself. Thank you for posting this to our forums and an agent will respond to that post to help further as soon as they can.