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Landline issues

Joining in

We've had problems with our Virgin home phone landline for the last few days. No one can call us - our phone does not ring but we see a call has been received, the phone log says it is from "No Number". Even when I make a test call to the landline I can't pick up the call. Calls cannot be made out from the phone - there is no ring tone. 

I have followed the advice on the Virgin Media website about looking to solve common issues with landlines but the problem remains. The landline status for both my Virgin Media account and the local postcode area are green. I have checked the handsets, also unplugged and plugged back in the main base handset unit. All cables seem fine. Have tried connecting a different handset directly to the master incoming phone socket with no difference - still can't phone out or answer calls. 

One thing that seems relevant is I received an email from the Virgin team last week saying we would be moving from an older bundle to a different one - and this included moving our home phone service  to another tariff. The call logs from our phone suggests the problems with the landline started the day after that message of the change to our bundle and home phone service, so we wonder if that change may be something to do with the problem with the phone line.

I've been trying to contact the Virgin support team, but as our home phone is not working, can't dial 150, and trying to use the automated system with my mobile has not worked as get caught in a circle where I'm told tests need to be done but can't progress beyond that. Looking online this community appears to be a good way raise issues - hopefully someone from the Virgin team will be able to come back to me please. 

Hope this provides enough information to explain why I'm posting this message in the community. Happy to provide more details and information.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Ed2022, thank you for the post and welcome to the Virgin Media forums!

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced with the landline, allow me to assist.
As you've stated - you've done a few of the home checks already, so thank you for that, it's always nice to see self-care being utilized.

Regarding the issue at hand - it does seem strange with what is happening on the telephone line, my thoughts are it wouldn't necessarily be to do with the migration of the bundle, unless there was a technical error, however it can occur.
I will look at this further for you and send you a private message - please watch out for the purple envelope.

King regards 🙂

Forum Team

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Hi Ilyas,
That;s great - thank you for your message and agreeing to look into this. I've replied to your Private Message.

Best regards

With big thanks to Ilyas we have an engineer booked for next week to look into what is going on. 

Thanks to Ilyas a friendly and very helpful engineer came today, and our landline was quickly fully working.