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Landline issue

On our wavelength

Hi. my landline phones don't have a dialling tone but a friend truied to call and the line was engaed. Servce staus shows no issue and I can't phone virgin to report this. How do I fing out what is going on? It must be the line rather than the phones if it is coming up engaged


Alessandro Volta

If you log into 'My Virgin Media', and use the service status link, do you get an option to test your phone line?

You can also try

but not sure if that shows any test options

On our wavelength

 I had already tried all that and nothing on service status. Too long a queue to hang on with my pay as you go monbile to speak to Virgin, thanks for trying


On our wavelength

 So I spoke to Virgin on Friday who booked me an appointment for Monday, then on Saturday they cancelled it and said it was a Network issue, Sunday they said it was fixed but still no landline, I rang Sunday and they booked me in for Wed pm but it appears the person I spoke to did not press the button and the next person I spoke to would not book another one saying I needed to wait until they upgrade my line to work off broadband. I then rang through to retentions who managed to get me to the technical help line and they booked me a appt for Thursday pm. I have just had another text saying there is a network issue in your area and they have cancelled this appointment too. I am very stressed about this. I have elderly relatives who rely on me on the landline, can anyone suggest what I do now? this is costing me a fortune to keep ringing Virgin on my pay as you go mobile


If you use your mobile to call to your VM landline do you get connected ?

i.e. is this just an issue with calls originating from your friend's phone / provider or an issue for all callers.