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Landline issue

Joining in

When is this issue going to be fixed?

Cust service is appalling. Was promised a call within 2 hrs and 72 hrs later haven’t heard from anyone.

I need an and now or alternatively pls cancel my contract.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @kamlapatel,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm really sorry that you're facing some ongoing issues with your landline service. I've checked over things on our systems and it appears there is a known fault we're working on, but right now I don't currently have an estimated fix/date time to offer to you but that should hopefully change soon.

Please keep us posted, and if these issues seem to be ongoing for you come Monday morning then let us know and we'll see if there are any further updates to offer.


Zach - Forum Team
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Joining in

Thxs for your reply but it’s no help to me.

I have been repeatedly told it’s being looked into on the forum. For 3 weeks? Its not acceptable. I do not wish to entertain this excuse.

Hey @kamlapatel thanks for the reply on the forums.

I'm sorry about the issue with the landline for the time it has taken.
I have looked in to the ticket and am awaiting an update for this.
Once the ticket is updated, hopefully by tomorrow morning - we will be able to update you regarding this.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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