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Landline has stopped working since cancelling services

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Hi all,


I cancelled my Virgin Media services on Thursday and was told by the agent that all my services would be disconnected on the 16th December yet my landline has suddenly stopped working but the internet and TV are still working. When I try and call my landline from my mobile it says "I have dialled an incorrect number'', which clearly indicates that the number has been disconnected.

I haven't given my landline number to another provider so I don't know why I have suddenly been disconnected... Surely that is not right or fair especially when the agent made it clear to me when I cancelled, that all my services will be working until the 16th December. What can i do about this? Can my landline be reconnected? The number was given to me by Virgin Media when I joined like 10 years ago...

Please can anybody help/look into this?


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I’m having same issues, from cancelling on Friday (contract finish date 17/12) no home phone, when calling it get number not valid, which suggests number removed from system. Impossible to get through to Virgin and I don’t have the time to be continually trying. I’m still paying for a telephone but can’t use it!! I’ve had loads of issues during my 18 month contract, including waiting 8 months for my Netflix login ( spent many hours chasing this). Very poor service.

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Everything seems to be working after I have agreed to a new contract with Virgin! It seems my services were disconnected...

So it's blackmail then? Either sign up to a new contract and we'll re-enable your services immediately, or try and leave and they'll terminate your service on the same day - regardless of the fact that you've already paid them for it until 16 Dec!!!! 


After spending a weekend trying to report problem, note I do not have hours to sit in a queue!!!
Monday I went on to Virgin media chat, started conversation at 13.31 (virtual assistant), got to chat with Mohemmad at 14.36. He confirmed I had been disconnected, he made changes at his end and asked me to reboot hub, still not working so says he will send an Engineer (Tuesday). So that 4 days with no home phone. Chat finishes at 15.15.

Engineer phones my mobile on Tuesday, he thinks he’s coming to change home phone from landline to hub! I explain my problem, he says he can fix that without coming into house, 10 mins later he calls me on home phone to confirm it’s now working.

Wednesday morning my wife reports home phone no longer working. I don’t have time to follow this up as I am helping take care of my 85 year old father. On Wednesday evening I message the Engineer who fixed the problem yesterday, he reports that my line has been cut again, 5 mins later it’s back on!! Engineer was very helpful.

what the hell is going on?

My home phone is essential, it’s what my 83 year old mother calls in an emergency

No apologies from Virgin, no explanation, no compensation offers for no home phone.

Hi Willimv,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some issues with your landline. I've had a look at things from our side, can you please test the line again in around 20 minutes, and let me know if there is any change.


Yes home phone is working again as stated in previous message. The Engineer confirmed my number had been removed for a 2nd time but now re-instated. It should remain active until 17th December.


Glad to hear the issue was resolved with our team @Willimv 

We apologise again on behalf of our team for any inconvenience caused by this issue. Please check here to see if you may be entitled to compensation


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No it wasn't blackmail. I called them to ask what deal they could offer me as retentions gave me a missed call. They then offered me a really good deal that I accepted. 

But yes, they also confirmed that my landline was accidentally 'disconnected' when i cancelled my services.

Make of that what you will lol