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Landline fibre upgrade - Confusion reigns...

Joining in

Hi, I'm very new here and a little confused, so am hoping someone can shed some light for me.

I received a text stating it Virgin Media and the home phone service will be switched to fibre on 26/9.... however everything I've read so far suggests that I should receive notification in writing, does a text 'count'? Also being a cautious person and not recognising the number I've yet to respond (figure I have time to get a consensus). Elsewhere on the interwebby, forums suggest this is a scam text and several commentators are now concerned. 

Can someone please clarify a) is the text genuine? b) do I need to book an engineer as my phone is no where near my hub.


Many thanks



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Dawn999,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums! Sorry to hear there's been a bit of confusion surrounding your landline service upgrade. I can appreciate the hesitation with some of the scam texts circulating at the moment.

We'd usually send out a letter and an email or SMS to the property with further details about the upgrade and exactly what you need to do. Do you have a screenshot of the text you received that you can pop over to us here please, so we can advise if genuine or not?

Yes, we will need to arrange a visit for you before the cut-off date so you can be migrated over to the new service and have any extensions/rewiring you require fitting for you.