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Landline fault - how to report?

Tuning in

My landline has stopped working for days, but I can't report a fault - there's no way of doing it online. I've run the number for VM from my mobile but it tells me it is doing tests, offers me the chance to call back later, then disconnects me anyway. If I ring back ten minutes later as it tells me to, it just says it wants to do the tests again (repeat)

Please can someone help? I'm at wits end and have been without service for days






Joining in

I have the same problem except I was lucky in that my phone started working again after a day.  I cannot even try to phone from my mobile as it is a pay as you go and with long waiting times my credit would just run out.  I hope you get an answer to your query. In this day and age there should be some way of reporting faults online. 

Alessandro Volta

If you (can) run the service status tests from within 'My Virgin Media' you might be able to book a technician that way if a fault is identified.

You should check the service status number as well 0800 561 0061 in case there is an area fault as VM don't send out technicians when an area fault is in place.

If neither of the above is any use, wait for a VM forum team member to reply here within a few days.

Thanks both. The service status says it is fine, which is probably why I can't book a technician

Will wait for someone to pop up

Hello fritzpoll, thanks for your posts and replies. 
We're sorry to hear of the landline issues and that you were unable to report this.

Could you please tell us if there is a dial tone before you make a call out and whether you get a ring when receiving a call in? 
Is your landline connecting via the hub or a wall socket and have you tested different handsets and/or sockets to see if this clears out the issue?

Let us know more, happy to help you.

Forum Team

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I can't get a dial tone. It's on the wall socket. None of the sets I have work




Thanks for replying and for checking this, fritzpoll.

Sorry to hear the issue is present on any handset and there's no dial tone.
We'd like to assist further with this, I will send you a private message here shortly to do this.

Please check the top-right corner of our forum and you should see a purple envelope. Click this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

I have the same problem. There doesn't seem to be any way to report a fault via the VM website. For a communications company, this must be one of the most Un User Friendly web sites in existence.

Hi mwtheplumber,

Thank you for your post, I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your Landline, 

Have you been able to try an alternative handset?

Is your handset connected to your hub or a wall socket?


Tuning in

Just to update the thread, I did get a technician out in the end. The issue was basically dead copper so they have now run the phone off the router instead.

Not very ideal, but we are where we are and at least I can use the phone