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Landline down for fourth time since September

Joining in

The Engineers that have been out to rectify this, two have said that the box in the road is open with wires exposed,of which I was aware. They advised that water is therefore getting in and affecting the line. Landline is dead.


Please can an appointment be arranged for an engineer visit. Though if we can liaise as I have some appointments at beginning of the week




Forum Team
Forum Team

Morning Pauline15

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I am sorry to hear of the phone line issue and also the cabinet issue. Can you confirm the postcode and nearest house number please? I will get that reported.

Are you plugged into the master socket? It will have a larger socket and contain a logo of Virgin Media, NTL, Telewest or Nynex. Any extension sockets will be smaller and have no logo.
Do you also have any equipment connected to the phone line? Examples of this can include modems/faxes/micro filters. If so, is it more or less than 3? 
There are a few troubleshooting checks I will need you to perform to see if they are successful in resolving the issue. Can you: 
• Check the phone is seated in the base unit correctly & powered ON. 
• Remove all other equipment connected to telephone sockets. 
• Unplug the phone and check another phone directly into the main socket ensuring this is a VM socket and not one with a BT or Sky logo. If no alternative handset is available then ensure the original phone is plugged into the main socket with no other pieces of equipment being plugged in. 
Keep me posted

Forum Team

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