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Landline down. VM keep sending engineer to upgrade to 21CV when I just want to fix it.

On our wavelength

My landline is faulty. I discovered it last Monday (19th) I rang VM and they said they would send an engineer. They offered an upgrade to their VOIP service but this was the first I had heard about it, so i said no, I just wanted the existing landline fixed.  I would then do some research into 21CV and whether my handsets were compatible etc, and if I would be left vulnerable without a 'normal' landline.  I don't feel comfortable using broadband for calls as it does drop out frequently.

An engineer came round on Friday (23rd) and went out to the 'junction box' to move some wires but said the wires weren't there, and he didn't have the skills to replace them, so he arranged internally for someone else to come on Saturday to fix it.  They never arrived.


I contacted VM again....a LONG process via the Chat, explaining everything and they assured me the next engineer would be able to fix everything and get my current landline back up and running...and NOT an upgrade.

Guess what, he's just been. The first thing I said to him was "What are you expecting to do today?" and he said Upgrade to 21CV"  Argh. No.

He said he wasn't skilled to do anything else as he can only do 21CV upgrades.

What can I do to make sure my current landline gets fixed ASAP. I am furious and considering cancelling. No one has time for this to/fro and wasted time off work for multiple engineer visits who can't do what I've been promised. 




Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi KJB1, 


Thank you for your post! 


I am really sorry to hear of the experience you've had here - I can only appreciate how frustrating this must be. In terms of the 21CV it is something that every customer will be moving onto - all information relating to this can be found here: 


In the meantime though - the priority is to get your current set up working. With that, I will send you over a private message to confirm some details and get that soted.