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Landline dead

Tuning in


Hope someone can help here where the phone-based customer service agent couldn’t please.

I’ve had no landline service since at least Friday. (I don’t use it often, but I do use it.) There have been problems with other services in the area so I thought it might resolve. It hasn’t. 

The fault was reported yesterday and I was told that the line wouldn’t be fixed because of the upgrade happening so I might as well go ahead with having an engineer booked to install the new fibre cabling. Fair enough. Except I just got an email telling me that my area isn’t ready for this yet. 
I’ve still got no working landline and I’d like it to be working.


Hi paulmcfa,

So I can get a few more details from you I've popped you over a private message.


On our wavelength

and i can't even reply to that as it says html errors and then i reach my limit of messages