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Landline dead, how do you et the results of the status check

Settling in

I 'phoned Virgin from my mobile (not a Virgin mobile) to report a fault with my landline.  We got back from holiday to find it was dead on both our home phones.  Having been through all the questions the automated system asked, it says it is running tests on my line and that I should call back in 10 minutes (I tried to wait for the results but it just cuts you off!).  When I call back in 10 minutes there appears to be no way to get the status results, it just asks the same questions and kicks off another status check.  It says I can dial the number of my virgin phone when I call back to get the test results  but all attempts to do that fail.  When are you supposed to dial the number you called about?   I can already see that my status is marked as OK when I log onto the web site anyway, so is the check it is doing more thorough?   How can I actually speak to a human being about the issue?  I have wasted so much time trying to get this fixed.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there BigSi67,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Apologies for the service issues faced, can I ask to clarify with the landline are you receiving no dial tone?

Also have you been able to try a different handset?

Let us know,


Yes I get no dial tone and it is the same on both our phones (separate sockets).   I have tried restarting the phones and disconnecting/re-connecting them but that made no difference.  One of the 'phones has a screen which shows the message "Please connect your phone cord".  I got emails saying there was work being done by Virgin Media in our road whilst I was away so maybe that caused the issue?


Ahh okay, 

Thanks for getting back to us, we may need to get our team to investigate this for you.

I've dropped you a PM so we can discuss further details.

The message will appear within the purple envelope icon.