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Landline cutting out

Rising star

Our land line in BD2 1LJ area 14 has cut out twice today during calls. 

Service Status says no faults.

After a few minutes dial tone resumes and calls can be resumed.

I haven’t called 150 yet but are there intermittent faults like email and BB? (And TV at times - may as well make it 3 out of 3 services I suppose VM) 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ianjayne, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that there is an issue with the calls dropping and I have ran a phone check and it is coming back as normal. Can you monitor the connection over the next 24 hours and let us know if the issue persists? 

Kind regards, Chris. 

Yes will do. But 24 hours ? I suppose if it’s working during checks no faults will show? 

Can you confirm if this has only happened today and when was the last time the landline cut? ^Chris

Only experienced this the twice on Friday 21st. So far. Can’t recall any previous. We have of course had a total loss of service in the past. 

Hi @ianjayne thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry to hear of the intermittent service you've been having and in particular, the issue with your landline.  We've had a look from our side and cannot find any outages linked. For future reference, I know you already know to check for potential faults in your area here.  But are you also aware that link would also allow you to login and book a technician if required?  Also, if you still have the traditional phone socket, connection you may find here, useful.  When you're losing your connection, are you aware if others in your locality are also losing theirs?



No idea if others in the area are losing connection, how would I? I'm certainly not going to be visiting neighbours asking!

As far a connections go this was to 2 different cordless phones at different times fed from a plugged in answerphone base set. I accept it might have been that base unit plug but its unlikely. In any case how would I know? If it happens again I'll check it but the fault clears itself. This is/was a VM fault.


This check does not indicate what type of 'signal' though.  If you want to arrange a techy please feel free.  They always check outside first anyway. Inside connections of all types are all firmly fixed.

Thanks for getting back to us @ianjayne.

Do you mean you cannot tell which service the results in the check are referring to?  As when looking at your screenshot, it's not clear to me, sorry.



The screen shot is from your web site result, I can't tell either. Done it again. Over to you.



I understand it's from our service status section of our website.  Do you know which service this is referring to? TV? Broadband? Or telephone?