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Landline changing to fibre network

On our wavelength

We have received an email informing of the upgrade of our landline to the fibre network. As I understand it our phone's base will need to be plugged directly into the superhub after upgrading. This will be  inconvenient for us, as currently the landline is downstairs and the superhub is upstairs in a back bedroom and we would rather have the base unit/answerphone where it is now in our lounge (neither of us would be fast enough to be able to get upstairs to answer it!). I have read on this forum that our wiring can be changed by VM to accommodate our current setup. Is this likely to be a complicated job and will there be any charge for sorting it out? 


Hi brianpointy, thanks for the PMing us. 

I am glad that this is on the way to becoming resolved. 

Please let us know if you need anything further. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

I've seen some companies try it on over the years, but this con about your landline having to be connected to these new hubs you are rolling out beats then all. I'm told my landline will work the same in the new hub, but if the broadband goes down as it does on a regular basis then you can't use the phone. Well then in that case it's not a landline is it. In fact you would be paying for something that is not even as good as a mobile phone.The set up at the moment is independent of your broadband service. On that basis alone you are guilty of lying to your customers. Then I'm told the hub must be switched on to use the phone or receive calls. So I must go from it only being on from1-2 hours a day, to leaving it on for no other purpose than to receive calls. Well, that will do nothing to help my electric bills will it? If I have any part of this wrong please feel free to correct me. If Not, then I won't be agreeing to it and will take my custom elsewhere.

Hey spongebob60, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

Our new VOIP service uses your landline and router has one replacing the old copper line.

You can find out more about this here

This is replacing the old copper line and your router will work as phone line too. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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