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Landline changing to Hub3 - Line Rental Charges

On our wavelength


I've been contacted via email to say my landline will cease to operate soon and will be transferred over to Internet via the Hub.

It also states that my package charges will not change due to this, yet I currently pay £19 a month for line rental, as stated in the Phone terms and conditions on Virgin Media webpage. Why will I still have to pay for line rental if I no longer have a line and all calls are going through my existing internet connection?


Also, I've received a separate email stating that my package charges will go up by £12 soon, so this combined with the line rental charges for a non existent phone line, will effectively increase my service costs by £31 a month, is this a sneaky way to raise prices twice in a very short period of time?




Thank you for the reassurance about the Chinese Walls in place at VM protecting the privacy of customers and subscribers to the community.

It would be interesting to know why the VM home phone service is priced with a standing charge element and a usage element, whereas the VM broadband service using the same infrastructure is priced for unlimited broadband at a single charge.

Alessandro Volta

VM does not engage in differential pricing, so everyone pays the same regardless of how much it costs VM. I'm not complaining even though, as a customer in a low-cost estate (because ducting and cabinets were installed during the build), I am cheaper to serve than those who are in rural areas which cost a lot more to serve. Anyway as I said in my last post I'm expecting downward pressure on prices after PSTN is switched off.

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