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Landline change to Wi-Fi

Tuning in

I have had numerous land line problems however these have been resolved since November   Virgin agent wanted to change me to Wi-Fi land line but could not as my area wasn’t ready, I explained to virgin agent that my hub is in a bedroom whilst my landline socket is in the lounge he advised that an engineer would need to install.

I have just received an email from virgin saying I need to use Wi-Fi land line from 11 May, and they would send me a connector that’s all very well, but my hub and landline socket are not located in the same room.

I need a land line as my mother who is in her 90 will not telephone a mobile number, only land line please can someone advise thank you.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sewandsew4,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, sorry to hear your concerns around our Landline Switchover, if you have additional sockets or the phone and Router are in totally separate areas, we can arrange a technician visit for the switch, so I can help, I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received click on the purple envelope to accept.



Thank you for your response

Paul firstly please accept my apologies for contacting you again I have a couple of issues that I have tried to resolve without success   

1) I received an email  my latest  bill due for payment 21 May I cancelled my tv  ( I will deal with the tv side later ) with you kept broadband and land line I have a £10 discount up until the 6 August my bill for broadband and landline £51 with the £10 discount should be £41 although my email specifies discount yet again this has not been discounted. Please respond to this issue. 

secondly I cancelled my tv because of the increase in service charges , my husband had died and was getting rather expensive. However I have a cousin who’s husband has had a stroke and whilst I appreciate you can’t discuss other accounts she now pays £59 for broadband , landline 24/7 and all tv channels including sky sports but not movies something isn’t quite right had I been offered the same I would have taken out a new contract rather than wait until august to negotiate a new contact.

lastly I tried to discuss the current bill with live chat was told that they don’t deal with billing only broadband and tv. I then rang 150 from my landline unfortunately no matter how I tried I could  not get the customer service to understand that the £10 discount had not been applied. All they wanted to do was negotiate a new contract. Not acceptable.  

my landline has now been connected to the broadband and no issues have arisen 

I know you will require the following Susan Woods Account holder I am the account holder account number [REMOVED]. I would really appreciate your assistance in the above. 
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thank you