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Landline cannot call out, incoming rings but can’t speak

Joining in

Since yesterday cannot make calls out and incoming ring but can’t speak. Phone is cordless connected to base station connected to wall socket. Have rebooted hub but no success 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Wizzo72,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you are unable to make or hear incoming calls, How is your Phone connected, is it Via the old style call socket or a Router?

Have you received notification about our Landline Switchover?



Hi Paul, we had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, no incoming/outgoing calls. I called VM on the mobile and explained the problem, VM could have told me the problem whilst I was on the phone to them, (so much for the call centre muppets). They insisted on sending out an engineer, when he arrived, he straight away asked me, "is your phone still plugged into the little white box on the wall?" I said yes, well there's your problem he said, it has to be plugged into the back of your router/hub now. I was expecting him to plug in a longer phone lead to the router, as our router is on a shelf, further away from the little white box. Oh no he said, you have to buy that yourself. So another 2 days without landline intill I got one delivered from Amazon (At my cost). So there you go Paul, that's why you have NO landline. Hope that helps.