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Since my landline has been connected to my home hub, my answering machine will not work. I believe that I have set-up  the Virgin Media landline voice mail but it does not work. I have followed the link and the Virgin website for landline voice mail issues, but it send you to the Virgin Media Mobile voice mail issues. I have tried telephoning Virgin and spoke to someone ( after at least 1/2 an hour) who said I will need to reboot my home hub again, and they will call me back to check it has worked in 15 minutes. Have done this and it is still the same. I have been waiting for my 15 minute call back for nearly 5 hours, can anyone help me to sort these issues out?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi DavidR2

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of the voicemail issue. From checking the system it appears you have a call divert on there. If you have that, then the voicemail feature won't work. Are you wanting the calls not to be diverted going forward?


Forum Team

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Hi there,

I have definitely not set up a call divert, so it should not be diverted to anywhere. When I call my landline from my mobile, the home phone rings and displays the correct number of my mobile phone. What number are the calls divert is being sent to?

Prior to the 'switch over' on the 17th, my landline worked perfectly and my answering machine also worked as it should, and I do not require a call diversion at present.






Thanks for coming back to us DavidR2, if you haven't setup a call divert on the line, we can get this removed for you but we would need to pass account security to do this, I can also advise further information about the divert but only via private message.

Please look out for my message and we can get this looked into further.

Kind Regards,