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Landline Switchover Emergency Line

I have just had my landline switched and an emergency backup phone (Motorola FW500) supplied and connected.  I have a very poor mobile signal where I live and rely on wifi calling and therefore I'm not sure that the emergency, mobile based service will work in the unlikely event that I need to call 999 when the broadband has failed. 

1. As the unit supplied has a battery (and is kept plugged in to keep it charged), in the event of an emergency can I unplug it and carry into the garden where I might get a better signal, if need be? 

2. Would it work better if I sited it near a window? 

3. Does it only use your O2 network or any mobile signal it can find?

4. I take it that it can only be used for calling 999 not family/friends for emergency assistance?

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Re: Landline Switchover Emergency Line

Good Morning @ABealing, thanks for your post on our Community Forums!

I'd have to advise that on points one and two, this would be simply be a case of advising you this would not improve the coverage.

In relation to point three - the coverage would be from the local mast that accommodates Virgin's Mobile network - which is Vodafone at the moment.

On point four - you would only be able to call 999 or 112 in this event.

Do feel free to click this link for further information.

Kindest regards,