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Landline Phone Not Working


Is anyone else in Area 3 having problems with their landline phones. Ours went dead yesterday, I checked the status, VM said they were aware & dealing with it, I got a text saying ‘all good’ but, yes you’ve guessed it, nothing. 

And yes, all the recommended checks etc have been done. When I call the number it just rings & rings on the caller’s end but absolutely zilch on our end.

I’ve messaged VM about it. I would call them but........

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Landline Phone Not Working

Hi there hdd, 


Thanks for your post - sorry to understand you were impacted by an area issue and are still experiencing an issue once it was resolved.


How are things looking since your post - are you still having issues? Are you able to make outgoing calls ok or is it just incoming calls that are the issue? 


You mention you have messaged us about this - may we ask how this was done? 


Have you tried a alternative handset in the socket at all? 


If you are still having issues with the landline after going through these checks, please pop me a reply to the Private Message I have sent you (check for the purple envelope) and I'll do all I can to assist 🙂 



Katie - Forum Team

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