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Landline Migration - No adaptor

Tuning in

Back in January 2023, Virgin advised my mother's home phone line would be migrated from the existing connection to being connected via the internet hub. At the time we had an old router, the email advised this would need upgrading to enable the migration to happen. Migration date was scheduled for 4th April 2023.

I arranged for this to happen and received a hub 5, around the end of Feburary/March 2023 through customer services and asked about the phone adaptor for the hub and was advised it would be sent prior to the migration.

I waited until towards the end of March 2023 and there was still no sign of the adaptor, contacted customer services again and was advised that the adaptor hadn't been ordered despite having the hub upgrade and that it could take between 2 or 3 weeks for one to appear. I asked if the migration would happen prior to the adaptor arriving and was told no it would not.

I then went to make a call on my mum's home phone and found it completely dead on 5th April, contacted customer services via my mobile and was advised it had been migrated, explained we had no way of connecting the home phone to hub as we had no adaptor. One would be with us tomorrow (6th April) was what I was told, it never came.

I phoned again the following day and was told one was definitely on its way, although I'm suspecting due to the bank holiday it probably won't get here till Tuesday 11th April at the earliest. Not impressed with the customer service, tried to raise a complaint about this but that has been dismissed.

I have a virgin media service myself (home phone & broadband) and will be moving house soon, I'm out of contract and giving serious consideration to seeking alternative provision.

My mum is over the age of 70 and doesn't have a mobile, so very disappointed she has now been without her home phone for several days.



One of these ?

RJ11 plug to BT socket  


Yes that looks like what is needed.

A friend of the family who lost her husband prior to COVID has had her phoneline migrated. Virgin media sent her an adaptor prior to the migration, although she did have to chase them about it and I helped her with that.

I work in technical support so have an understanding of this sort of stuff.


Honestly, it might or might not turn up tomorrow, but as your Mum is completely stuck without it, it may well be best to just order one from Amazon or whoever for next day delivery and be sure - will only cost a few quid.

Yes, all very annoying and unnecessary but at least you'll be sure.

As you have seen, the customer service provision is not entirely the most reliable!

Thanks Jem, agreed the adaptors don't cost much however why should we be forced to spend additional money over what we pay Virginmedia when they should provide it?

As it's the Easter Holidays at the moment I don't think there is much point chasing this as it will go to a foreign call centre and as per my other calls they will simply say they have ordered one and it will be with me tomorrow and it won't be.

This is extremely poor customer service.

Hi @engmart 

Welcome to the community forums. 

I am so sorry to hear that the adapter for the migration did not arrive as arranged. Please do let us know if you do not receive the adapter by tomorrow evening and we'll certainly be able to assist further for you. 

If you have any further questions or concerns about the set up if it does arrive, when please do not hestiate to ask, we'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Thanks Carley,

Will let you know regarding the adaptor, my mum's home phone has been unusable since the 4th April 2023 which is when I suspect it was migrated as it cannot be connected to the hub without the adaptor.

Less than impressed so far with the customer service received in respect of trying to get this sorted, especially as we also had to have a hub upgrade to allow the migration and getting that sorted was equally challenging.

Please let me know if you need any further details in respect of getting this sorted.

My deepest apologies @engmart 

I'm unsure why the customer service agents advised the migration would not go ahead if you did not have the adapter, it's an area migration so this would not be postponed as this was the scheduled day the cooper line would be completely discontinued in the area. 

Customers will need a Hub 3 or above to be compatible with the migration and the adapter should have been included in the hub swap order, if not then it normally take 5 working days to arrive in the post once manually ordered. 

Most customer that do not need a hub swap would receive the adapter in the post automatically 2/3 weeks before their migration date, but as your mother needed a hub swap to complete, it was not as simple as other customers, though this still should have been a much simpler and smoother process than what has appeared to have happened in you mother's case. 

Keep us posted tomorrow, we'll be here to support further if needed. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Well so far royal mail have been and no adaptor via them, there also been a courier delivery which turned out to be for my brother.

So at the time of writing there is still no sign of the adaptor and we're moving towards another day of no home phone available due to this saga.

This is customer service so bad it defies description.

I've no confidence that the adaptor will be delivered today.

So what next?

Sorry to hear that the adapter has not arrived for you today as advised.

Can you confirm for me, this is regarding your mother's service account and is separate from your own personal Virgin Media service? If so, do you have authority to speak to us on their behalf and are able to pass account security questions?

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent