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Land line through WiFi hub

We recently had some work done on our house and the builders mistakenly took away our downstairs land-line wall socket for our home phone. We do still have a live socket upstairs but we would prefer the main phone with the answer machine to be downstairs.

According to the Virgin website you don't need a wall phone socket as you can now connect your land-line through the WiFi hub. We bought a new connector devise so the phone would connect to the hub. The phones are brand new. We've done everything as set out on the website and watching the YouTube help videos but it just won't work, no dial tone.

We tried ringing the very unhelpful customer service staff who said that 'our area wasn't connected yet so we couldn't do it but for £99 someone could come out and sort it!' We have a fairly new hub and we live in the middle of a city! That does not sound right to me.

It is all connected correctly, we've checked and double checked. The phones are new Panasonic ones so should be compatible. We've had the WiFi hub about 3/4 years, could we need an upgrade maybe?

Any help would be great, many thanks Jo

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Re: Land line through WiFi hub

Based on regular posts on the forum about this, VM only seem to move conventional landline connections over to a phone connection via the VM hub as part of a general upgrade in a particular area or to remedy a phone fault instead of repairing the existing conventional landline. It is an 'either-or' situation so, if you have conventional telephone wall sockets, your VM hub won't provide the telephone service at present.

The price of £99 is the standard VM cost to modify/move wiring. In the situation you describe, this would be to reinstate the landline extension socket that you have had taken out.

You could pay VM the £99 to replace your missing phone socket downstairs or you could possibly find a local contractor to do the same thing cheaper or just get a DIY replacement extension socket kit from a local store.

Are you using cordless phones? If you still have one working telephone socket are you not able to plug the base station into that and use the other handset downstairs? Most systems allow the answering machine to be controlled from a remote cordless handset in order to pick up messages.

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