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Land Line Not Working

Joining in

My land line isn't working although status shows no problem ????


Thank you, my main worry is that I have a careline link to the phone if I fall or need assisstance it won't be working.

No problem! We completely understand your concern. 
As the outage has already been raised the team are aware and working on getting this resolved as quickly as possible. The estimated fix time is 6pm today. If this does not resolve the issues with your landline please do let us know so we can offer further support!

In the meantime, are you aware of our Emergency Back Up Line (EBUL) service? You can read more about this at the bottom of the FAQ page here How to upgrade your virgin media home phone | Virgin Media Help in the section titled 'What’s the Emergency Backup Line and how can it help me?'. If you think you would benefit from an EBUL please let us know and we can arrange getting one of these fitted for you. 

All the best! 🌞


I'm sorry to say my landline is still not working, is there any further updates


Sorry to hear the landline issue is still ongoing @sp51cer 

I have had a look into this and I can confirm the outage is still ongoing. The estimated fix time is currently 03/11/2023 02:05. Please bear with our team while we work to resolve this issue. We will aim to get the service up and running as soon as possible. If the issue persists after the estimated fix time, please let us know and we will take further steps from here.


Forum Team

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Joining in

Good morning I'm sorry to say my landline still isn't working


Sorry to hear this, the outage has ended so I will send you a PM to look into this. 

Matt - Forum Team

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Glad we have managed to get this resolved for you, please do keep us updated. 

Matt - Forum Team

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