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Lack of dialling tone

Joining in

Is the Binatone Defence 6025, DECT Telephone with Answering machine, compatiable with VOIP, as both it and a kitchen extension plugged into a socket have worked, since we were moved over to VOIP, with the kitchen extension on occassion clicks, as if it is going to ring.

However there is no dialling tone, even after unplugging the kitchen extension, in case that was the cause..

Whilst speaking to Technical Support, was very helpfully advised, to replace with VOIP capable phone, as the telephone software maybe used up?

Given the recent waether, perhaps the rain has gotin somewhere?

One one person to reply please.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello TimothyR, thanks for posting on our help forum today.

We're sorry to hear of the issues faced with the landline via the extension socket.

As the lines now work via internet, could you please confirm if you've had an engineer visit to ensure you have the correct set up for both the main line as well as the extensions, to work through this service or did you just receive an adaptor we've sent upon switching the landline in your area to our fibre optics network?

Please, have a look into this link here where we explain how the line works and how we set you up for this.
Let us know if you need more help or advice regarding the above and we're glad to assist.

About the device used and its compatibility with VOIP, can you please advise if you've addressed this query to the handset manufacturer and what they advised?

Forum Team

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Thanks for your reply.

Having spoken to 2nd line technical support, whom suggested plugging cable into Tele 2 and when that didn't work, suggested purchasing a VOIP compatible phone. However, I unplugged the kitchen extension from its socket and moved the Phone Base station cable to Tele 1 and still no dialing tone. Then I tried ringing the landline from my Mobile and surprise the landline phone rang. So I then tried dialling out and it worked. So perhaps it was the kitchen extension phone, though why it went wrong now, having worked fine since the engineer swapped us over to fibre, is beyond me.

So, I am leaving it unplugged for the foreseeable future, to see what happens.



Hey TimothyR, thank you for confirming this and I am happy to hear it is now working.

Please do keep us updated with how you get on and please free feel reach out anytime you wish. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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