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On our wavelength

Last Sunday my landline stopped working again and after contacting V a number of times over the last 6 months about this [BLIP] when it did this it was no longer than 24 hrs then it came back

But on that sunday 2nd july i had a call around 2pm [scam call even so it worked] at around 4pm my red warning light on my falls alarm was flashing

Not to worried i left it till Monday 3rd till 4pm once that time was reached it was still dead

So i called VM Help and a very nice lady ran some tests telling me its the phone line and i needed to be updated to VMs new service that the line needed to be tweeked so instead of plugging the phone into the wall i needed to be upgraded to the phone being plugged into the HUB

Anyway the engineer came out friday at 5pm to sort it out

This isnt actually what im asking though

Because my landline is connected to a falls alarm It meant for nearly a week i was left even more vunerable

because my necklace alarm did not work also and if i had a fal in those 7 days i could not reach help

i wanted to know Vs policy on compensation for this ?

now remember this was going on for 6 months admittedley until 2nd july 23 it righted its self But each time my connected was cut from my alarm



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi LyndaT1, 

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get your landline fault experience looked into, I am sorry that this landline fault left you vulnerable at the times it was down, including when the migration needed to be done 😥 I would be more than happy to look into this for you!

Can I ask if your landline issue and fall alarm are both working as they should now? 

I have a link to our Compensation Scheme, however this does not cover intermittent outages.

As we'll need to raise a formal complaint for you about this situation, I also have a link to our Complaints Code of Practice if you'd like to have a read through.

Please let me know the status of your landline and I'll continue to help 😁



On our wavelength

omg i missed this

you say in your reply intermittent outages this was because of the changeover  because my line was the original like going back over 25 yrs ago i may need an engineer

Now VM didnt tell me that  i even told the lady i had been having intermittent line failure each time oh there must be an outage  OK fair enough but it wasnt was it 4 times that happened leaving me even more vunerable for hours on end

But a week i had to get it sorted i bought new phone the falls company came checked the alarm checked my line

2 of my phones and his own phone which checks the alarm [NO LINE DEAD] on all 3

that was on the monday i called VM around 2pm the ladt got me an engineer for friday 5pm


this was not an outage this was VMs fault 100% leaveing me a week without a line before they sent an engineer

its DID NOT LEAVE ME VUNERABLE AT TIMES  it left me for  1 week  and was told to inform the alarms company which i did

landline now fixed and my falls alarm working

sorry for sounding angry but how would you feel being left a week with no falls alarm ?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for getting back to us lyndaT1, 

Sincere apologies for the issues faced with this however.

Can I just asked when this was raised on the account, was a next day appointment scheduled at all?