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Junk calls have started again

As, I assume, a consequence of the coronavirus lockdown, we've had maybe 3 weeks with no junk calls, down from an average of 3 a day despite being registered with the (utterly useless) TPS since 2003.
That just changed, three calls so far today from the same well known junk caller number.  I've enjoyed those no junk calls days and want them to continue.

My current position is that I pay VM to pipe junk calls into my home, the "landline" serves no other purpose that VOIP/Mobile can't deliver better.  Indeed why do I have two separate items on the bill one for broadband, one for landline whereas in fact I only have one incoming cable, surely the "landline" is a just technical feature of the broadband cable.

I have a (free) VOIP number that gets zero junk calls.  On mobile I use an app (called "should I answer") which blocks most junk and I can easily add new junk callers.

The marketing lobby says "What about legitimate telesales calls" to which the answer is simple, there's no such thing any more (if there ever was). CLI indicates that some of those unwanted telesales calls are from VM.

There are archived messages suggesting that Virgin, like BT, implement 1572 to put a block on the number that last called. Those archived messages get responses like "...we're always looking to improve and appreciate the time you've taken to give us that feedback..." Years later still no action. Who ever would have imagined that BT would take the technical lead?

I would drop the landline from my VM package (we are in a cabled area and have had cable since the day the street got cabled about 25 years ago).  The "land-line" element of the service is itemised on the bill but, tied into a bundle, the cost saving is small. I have the line set to go to answerphone after 2 rings (the minimum setting).  Basically without 1572 landline is almost useless, we do occasionally use it to make calls simply because, with a handset in most rooms and with speakerphone it's sometimes more convenient than the alternatives but if it wasn't there it wouldn't be missed.  My next step will be to turn down the ringer volume or just unplug the line.  With mobile and VOIP I don't need a landline.  Why do VM insist on charging for a service I don't need and which they provide so badly?

The current situation is as if the water company decided to reverse the flow on my sewage, pump other people's crap into my house and charge me for the service.

OK so I'm reasonably technically literate and would be immune to the scam calls were any to get through but my 95yo granny who lives with us doesn't understand, even my wife used to get concerned about the "technical support" calls offering to help fix "the virus on your computer".  And what about other VM customers who will fall for the scams, do VM not care that their elderly or less aware customers are sitting ducks for the crooks?  One could would argue that VM are facilitating crimes and so are complicit in them.
Dear VM moderator, don't waste your time giving a stock anodyne "we take feedback very seriously" type response, we all know it's not worth the paper it's written on.


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