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Is there a difference in landline technology with FTTC and FTTP?

Joining in

I am trying to get my home teplephone system to ring on incoming calls. It is a B&O system that will dial out but doesn't ring - lots of previous conversations here but no solutions. I have a Hub3 & it looks like Virgin have activated one of the RJ11 sockets. I've tried 2 PTSN bases of different vintages without success. In another Forum I sawa throw awayline about a potential difference between FTTC and FTTH but no detail. I'm currently on FTTC but could switch to FTTP. Thanks for any advice



Alessandro Volta

Full marks for persistence in your quest to resurrect your B&O phones.

I would say the suggestion from @Client62 on your previous topic is likely to be the correct one, namely that the B&O phones are designed and matched to the line/ringing specifications of some past BT exchange line specification and the connection from the hub is not compatible in some way with those historical spec's.

Do you happen to know anyone who is using a BT Smart Hub 2 (and who takes a BT landline service via the hub) which you could use on their BT setup to run a few trials/tests?

In this video (only the first 5 mins is relevant)

a former BT tech runs through testing some old phones on the Smart Hub 2. This is one of the more comprehensive tests I have seen and it shows old phones (inc those with bells) working on the phone socket from the back of a BT hub. It looks as if BT has designed the socket to mimic a master socket, inc. a bell wire connection.

If you managed to get anything to work on a BT hub connection with one of your B&O phone base combinations it might offer you some hope but I have read some of the BT forum topics on B&O phones and they have similar problems to VM. Those who reported initial success, later found the operation was not reliable all of the time.

If your B&O phones also failed to function via BT Smart Hub 2 connection, then they are probably not going to work anywhere else.

As for FTTC v FTTP I assume that might be a reference for some on an Openreach FTTC connection who may still be using a conventional phone socket for the landline.

All providers are moving to phone-via-hub connections for landline now so even moving provider is unlikely to change the outcome/functionality for your B&O phones.