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Is or isn't call divert on engaged available on Docsis?

Over the past few days I have spent 5 and a half hours on the phone to Virgin just trying to sort out call divert (let's not even start on how much grief I had and time I had to spend sorting out porting in my numbers from BT). Anyway I have had all sorts of *** providing me with all sorts of useless information about getting call divert working (eg if I have Docsis I have to get support to preprogram in one single number which is the only one I will be able to divert to in the future; I need to call 1571 to get it working; give it another 24 hours and it will start working; or the old favourite of just dropping my call when things got too difficult!!).

Anyway it was only from finding a thread on here that I eventually found out that not a single one of the support staff I had been talking to (including Level 2 tech support) knew that the code for call divert on Docsys was not *70 but was actually *21*. Having called in again and explained that to support, the upshot of the final conversation was that I am indeed right about that, but that divert on busy (*67*) is not available (I linked them to the other thread on here, and they stated that the information provided by Lisa on here is incorrect).

Anyway, BT are quite happy to port my numbers back again (called them and got to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about in under five minutes: you get what you pay for I guess), and I have been happily using this functionality with BT for the past 15 years so I know they are capable of dealing with this high-tech function.  But having spent this long on trying to resolve it I would like to know for sure that divert on busy is definitely not a service I can get before I do that.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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