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i signed up to a virgin contract. A condition of this was keeping my home phone no.  I have a disabled child with complex needs involving over 50 specialists with my number registered as an emergency contact.  When i was getting no calls i called VM who said they would sort it. Nothing for 3 weeks and i called again and an engineer was sent.  At this point my brother had tragically died in an accident and i could not call my mother in ireland or her me.  The engineer called and said my number was gone and gave me a totally new number.  This was the one point I laboured in discussin moving as i could not move without that number.  Now i am in the middle of a nightmare trying to contact specialists and carers to give a new number.  I have no confidence in Virgin media who totally promised to protect my number then didn’t and did not even tell me.  I did not and could not sign up to a change where i lost my number.  The contract is not valid and all calls are taking hours and I get passed  from pillar to post.  No body cares at Virgin.  I will not write to over 50 people for a number with a provider who are liars.  Who can I contact to resolve this.  I intend to go to social media with my experience.  No one with a special needs child can rely on Virgin.   We have so much stress in our lives without a really uncaring multi national who do nothing but lie.  I intend to take my experience to all special needs groups social media and papers to warn others.  
It is totally disgusting.  I want the CEO contact details if anyone has them please.