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Internet speed slow but VM customer services say it’s fixed

Tuning in

Having issues with broadband speed .I have spoken to VM customer services who advised me to restart the router (which I had done many times before  .) We restarted the VM box for the Tv too.The internet was still slow but because it joined eventually the customer service assistant insisted it was sorted . I tried a Speedtest but it times out each time . Sometimes it connects to websites albeit very slowly and other times it fails to connect . Having gone through to customer services I don’t know what to so next . I tried doing a factory reset with the pin on the router but it’s still no better . I checked to see if there are issues in the area but nothing is being reported . I am in the same room as the router . 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jamesBond1, 

Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you're having issues with slow speeds. 

I can see that Ilyas has replied to your thread here: Been to customer service phone line but internet is still slow

Please make sure you are only posting once about your issue. If you need to update the thread then just reply to your original thread rather than creating a new one. We understand it's frustrating when something's not right however posting more than once about the same fault makes the boards look busier than what they actually are. It also means we could take longer to reply due to needing to sift through duplicate posts.

Have a look at Ilyas' reply on the other thread and stick with that one so we keep all the information in one place. 


Forum Team

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