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Incoming calls - phone not ringing

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I've booked an engineer for next week but thought I'd ask here in case anyone could help.


I had a landline installed last week. This was actually a reactivation of an existing line in my flat. Not sure when the Virgin line was last used, but it's an old NTL socket. For the past three years I've been using a BT line.


I had a cordless phone which always worked without a problem on the BT line.


When the engineer connected the Virgin line, he tried calling my phone and the ring was odd. It sounded like there wasn't enough power, the rings weren't fully ringing and there were silent gaps. The engineer said he thought it was my phone as he said the line was fine.


So I went and bought another phone, and it's not ringing at all. When I do 1471 there is a record of the call, but in the handset call log there is not.


Going back to my old phone, it does ring but it's still a "weak" ring.


I took the new phone next door and it worked ok on the neighbour's BT line.


Outgoing calls are not a problem.


I've done a line test online and it came back fine.


Any suggestions I can try while waiting for the engineer would be appreciated.


Annoying that I bought a new phone when it looks like the problem is actually with the line...


Alessandro Volta

@keith1654 wrote:
I'm having the same problem, landline was transferred today but phone does not ring for incoming calls. Please help

You'd do best to start your own topic for your own query and you may need to provide a bit more info.

Where was your phone 'transferred' from? Was your number moved from another provider to VM and you are a new customer?

Or are you and existing customer and referring to a switchover by VM moving your phone connection from a traditional wall socket connection to a connection on the back of the VM hub? Or something else?

Many apologies for any issues faced keith1654,

Welcome to the community.

Jus to clarify on this, are you receiving any dial tone at all?

Also how is the phone connected? Is it a DECT handset and did you receive an adaptor from ourselves?

Let us know,