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Incoming calls - phone not ringing

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I've booked an engineer for next week but thought I'd ask here in case anyone could help.


I had a landline installed last week. This was actually a reactivation of an existing line in my flat. Not sure when the Virgin line was last used, but it's an old NTL socket. For the past three years I've been using a BT line.


I had a cordless phone which always worked without a problem on the BT line.


When the engineer connected the Virgin line, he tried calling my phone and the ring was odd. It sounded like there wasn't enough power, the rings weren't fully ringing and there were silent gaps. The engineer said he thought it was my phone as he said the line was fine.


So I went and bought another phone, and it's not ringing at all. When I do 1471 there is a record of the call, but in the handset call log there is not.


Going back to my old phone, it does ring but it's still a "weak" ring.


I took the new phone next door and it worked ok on the neighbour's BT line.


Outgoing calls are not a problem.


I've done a line test online and it came back fine.


Any suggestions I can try while waiting for the engineer would be appreciated.


Annoying that I bought a new phone when it looks like the problem is actually with the line...


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)


Thank you for taking the time to post back in the Community.

I'm glad to hear the engineer did all he could for you and was helpful, I will raise this feed back on your behalf.

Take care,


Forum Team

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An engineer came today to install my upgrade bundle which is phone and tv .(what the other guy came for begers belief he didnt know which cables went where to the hub )

At first he got the phone number wrong or something in the telephone exchange i presume he disappeared to , to alter things he said .

on return, all good now he said we have the correct number ,i said just let me check please before you leave ,so i plugged the line into the new socket he installed and got a dialling tone so presumed all ok.

i have now just double checked the phone by ringing it from my mobile ,The phone does not ring ! 

i then phoned my mobile from it to see what number it said was calling and it was the correct number .

So obviously correct number now but the phone just does not ring for incoming calls to it .

IF this is not fixed by by tomorrow at the latest  will play pot!

Pls see my reply on on ‎17-05-2018 10:45. Hope this helps. 


i tried my newly installed  virgin phone line this morning and now the phone is totally dead .not even a dial tone .

i wish now i had kept my BT line rental ! even if it did cost me more as not in the virgin package .30 yrs of Bt and never a major problem .2hrs of virgin and it has never worked.

i have had to book another engineer to fix it on Saturday morning which will cost me time and a half in pay . the girl on the phone asked dumb questions like have you got anything else plugged into your phone line like a computer or a printer . jeez  the virgin master socket has one socket for phone only i had to explain to her and the pc comes from the hub.

Virgin need to employ engineers that know what they are doing and have knowledge .the guy that did the original install didnt even know what port forwarding is when i said the hub3 is crap because it will not do it . he had no idea what port forwarding was . not exactly qualified technician /engineer is it .

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I have the exact same prob. The engineer was lost,he had no idea what was causing the prob.
Only been with virgin for two weeks but I now wish I had stopped with sky.

Hi. I have the same problem, phone ring EXTREMELY  quiet. My wife and I are both pensioners  and a little hard of hearing. We have only been with virgin for two weeks. The engineer came and looked and said he could not fix it but would send an email to head office, that was on Friday 7th June and I have not heard anything from anyone as regards the problem. I am VERY disappointed  with virgin. I am disabled and need the phone for incoming calls from the hospital and doctors. It seems as if virgin does not care once they have you signed up. PLEASE can anyone help

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jiff999,


Thanks for your post on our Community Forum and I'm sorry to see that you've been having issues with the volume on your handset.


Are you able to tell me if you've identified a volume feature on the handset that would resolve the issue?


Have you also been able to try a different handset on the line to see if that produces a louder ring?



Hi.thanks for replying so quickly, myself an the engineer tested my phone on my neighbour's  line and it worked properly. The engineer also checked my phone (ringer volume and connections) and everything was ok. When he plugged his £9.00 cheapo phone into virgin Jack it was ok, so he was basically beat as to the problem.

After perusing this site it seems that someone may have found the problem could be the wires in the main junction box at the bottom of the street.

They had the same problem as myself and a technician did some (upgrade or repair work) on her street junction box which sorted the problem.

Thier letter is somewhere on this site.  I have still had no communication from anyone at virgin about my problem

Many thanks

Thanks for the repsonse jiff999


I'm happy to look into this for you.


Just look out for the purple envelope in the top right hand corner



Hi, I don't know how to work with private messages I am a bit lost off.